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This blog is designed to get and give information on eating healthy. My family has recently had to change our eating habits due to a medical problem. Please feel free to share any of your experiences, recipes, or ideas.

“Doritos” April 29, 2012

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So today I decided to try and make low-sodium “Doritos” using the Table Tasty and the Bravado Tex-Mex Chili seasonings. I have found that the corn tortillas that have 0mg of sodium don’t hold up very well. They crack easily, and not to mention they have a rubbery texture. I have recently found a great lower sodium tortilla made by Tumaro’s Gourmet Tortillas. They have a 55mg per tortilla, but I can’t find that version in my local stores, so I opt for their Mulit-Grain low in carbs tortillas that have 85mg per serving. The best part, is that they taste and perform as well as the regular flour tortillas.

So I took 2 tortillas and cut them into small triangles/pieces. I lined my cookie sheet with foil and sprayed it with cooking spray.

I then melted unsalted butter,

mixed 1 teaspoon of each: Table Tasty and Bravado Tex-Mex Chili seasoning.

Then I sprinkled the seasoning on all the little tortillas pieces.

I baked them in the oven at 425 degrees for 10 minutes.

They came out a little burnt, but still tasted okay. I think next time I’ll cook the tortillas for 5-7 minutes, then I’ll brush them with the unsalted melted butter and sprinkle with the mixed seasonings. But at least it wasn’t a total and complete failure or fire.

Oh, and my husband ABSOLUTELY LOVES the Table Tasty. He told me to go ahead and buy the “big thing” of it. I think this has already become a staple in our house.


T..T..T..T..T..T..T….Tasty, Tasty April 21, 2012

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Thanks for that intro Fergie Ferg. Now, on with the real story. So Christy over at the Daily Dish has made several posts about this great salt free seasoning called Benson’s Table Tasty. She had a giveaway a few weeks ago, but I didn’t win, but was still intrigued about her rave reviews, so Tuesday I was ordering some of our Mr. Spice sauces so I decided to go ahead and pick up some Table Tasty too. I placed my order on Tuesday and when I got home from work last night, my bottle of Table Tasty was sitting in my mailbox. Man, that was quick delivery! I was pretty excited.

I ripped the bag open and included with my Table Tasty were a few recipes and  a sample of Bravado Tex-Mex Salt Free Chili Seasoning. Again, I was excited with all the little extras that came with my order.

One of the recipes suggests mixing half and half of the Table Tasty and the Bravado Tex-Mix mis for a more Dortio like flavor. This has me very curious. I hope that one day next weekend I’ll be able to throw this mixture together and make some homemade low-sodium Dorito’s. Can’t wait to try it out and see how good they are. If things go well, or even if they don’t, I’ll post about it.

So about 2 sentences into writing this post my baked potato had finished cooking. I typically use Mrs. Dash Table Blend on my potato, but today I decided to try the Table Tasty. I sprinkled a little bit on a bite of potato, and MAN is this stuff tasty! I was quite pleasantly surprised. This stuff has SOOOOO much flavor, but it’s not overpowering. I can’t wait to try it on other foods.

So if you’re looking for a good salt free seasoning you should definitely try Benson’s. They have a handful of other seasonings that we may be trying later. And of course, if the “Dorito’s” turn out, then we’ll definitely be getting more of the Bravado Tex-Mex Chili mix.


Lemon Millet Pilaf March 31, 2012

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So after months of talking about this I’m finally posting about it. So as I said in yesterday’s post this will make a great side dish for any Spring or Summer dish. It’s super easy and quick to make.

So this is millet. It’s a grain that kind of looks like chicken feed or small popcorn kernels. Anyways it cooks up kind of like rice. Here’s the final dish of Lemon Millet Pilaf:

My husband marinated chicken in Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper marinade. We had a little bit left over so we drizzled it over the pilaf. It added more of the lemony flavor (disregard all the knicks on the edge of the bowl. This is a paint your own pottery bowl from a few years back). I’ve added the recipe for this dish to the recipe tab.


M.I.A March 30, 2012

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Ok, so I’m still alive. March has been insanely, crazy, busy for me. I’ve had a party every Saturday this month. My house has been neglected, my puppies haven’t been walked and we mostly ate whatever rations were left in the cabinets. Not to mention this cute little guy made his appearance into the world on 03.28 at 715 pm. This is our newest little nephew, Connor James.

Ok so enough of the cute little chubby cheeked boy and on to the blogging. So Monday I had a a very productive day. I had a little time at the end of my day at work so I made a dinner menu for the next 5 weeks AND the grocery list for it. I printed off the menu and it’s posted on our refrigerator.

I’ve also written notes for things like veggies or herbs that I need to buy for that weeks meals. I came up with 23 different meals. I’ve also been looking through one of my vegetarian cookbooks and I think I can find a few more recipes to try too. We often buy veggies or herbs for certain recipes and I either forget about it or I’m missing another ingredient and it all goes bad. We went grocery shopping Monday night and we didn’t spend as much as we usually do. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this menu thing up. It’s very helpful for me since I work 10 hour days and I don’t get home till 6.

So sometime soon I’ll be posting the recipe for the Lemon Pepper Millet that we had a few weeks ago. It will work as a great side dish especially now or for this summer. It has a nice lemony smell and taste. Hopefully with my menu creation I’ll be more organized and will actually be able to blog more regularly during April.


5k and Birthday March 4, 2012

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So yesterday was a very busy day for us. We woke up at 6 to get ready to go run the Little Rock 5k at 8. It was a nice chilly 40 degrees out. The worst part was just standing around waiting for the race to start. Once we got going we got warmed up pretty quickly. I lost Clay somewhere around the quarter mile mark, which is ok because I like to run alone. I ran the first mile and mostly ran and walked the last 2.1 miles. My hip started feeling a little uncomfortable around mile 2 and only hurt once for about a second. I finished in 38:23 (12:23 pace) and Clay finished in 35:05 (11:20 pace). I think those are pretty good times since Clay hasn’t been running or walking in weeks and I’ve only been walking 2(+) miles with the dogs. I forgot to get a pic of us either before or after the race, but here’s our finisher’s medal. This year marked the 10th year for the Little Rock Marathon/Half Marathon, so the theme was Celebrate (70’s Disco).

So we finished the race, came home and relaxed for a bit, then ate lunch and got ready to head to my niece’s first birthday. She definitely had a good time at her party and enjoyed her cake.

Her birthday outfit





Something New February 28, 2012

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So this past weekend we used our juicer to make fresh orange and grape juice. They were both really good.

In other news today while I was picking up some strawberries for my strawberry spinach salads I came across this little granola bar.

I now have this unconscious habit of seeing something, mostly food, and picking it up to check the sodium content. I picked one up turned it around and read, “sodium 0mg.” What?! Really?! So I picked up another (total of 4) and they all had 0mg of sodium. Not to mention these little treats are vegetarian, gluten free, AND once again I can pronounce and I know all of the ingredients. So I bought this one here, Sesame.

I found these bars at Wal-Mart in the open refrigerator section (like where you buy your veggies). Each bar was $1. I think this would make a great snack while hiking or before a work out (the nuts will provide a good amount of protein).

So I of course came home and Googled the brand name. Here’s their website where you can find out more about the brand, Mariani, and more about the different granola bars they have. I’ll be saving this for my afternoon snack tomorrow or for a snack tonight when Clay gets home so he can try it too.

Speaking of Clay, about 3 weeks ago he started having problems with blacking out and getting really dizzy and lightheaded when he stood up. I told him it sounded like his blood pressure was dropping too much and he need to call his Nephrologist. He did and we had to monitor his BP for 3 days. His BP was staying pretty low and definitely dropping to very low when he stood up. The Nephrologist told him to quit taking the Losartan and he will now be taking Aldactone (water pill) to help flush his kidney’s out. So hopefully this will work.

T-4 more days till our 5k Saturday morning and my nieces 1st Birthday Saturday afternoon!




Fruity February 23, 2012

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So we put our new juicer to the test Tuesday night.

We made an apple, pear, strawberry juice. It was yummy! We used 1 Granny Smith apple, 3 pears, and 1 cup of strawberries. The juice made about 24 0z and contained a total of 9mg of sodium. Clay and I split the juice and I think we only wound up drinking 6 ounces each. He had the rest for breakfast the next morning.

We can’t wait to make more juices and experiment with other fruits (watermelon) and even try some veggie juices.

So, since I’m on the topic of fruit, a few weeks ago Sodium Girl blogged about these great little fruit leathers (a.k.a grown-ups fruit roll-up). So I decided to see if I could find them at Kroger or Whole Foods. We did our big monthly grocery shop and I forgot to look for them. So I went back to pick up a few things and I actually remembered to look for them. And what would you know? I found them! Kroger had 2 of the flavors in boxes, apple and grape, and they had all the flavors 3 for $1. The 3 for $1 deal turned out to be cheaper per serving than the boxes. I just grabbed 3 the first time just to see how they tasted. I picked up a strawberry, mango, and grape. We LOVED them! So glad we found a great little low and no sodium snack/treat.

This time I decided to go ahead and buy $5 worth of these since they were so good. Not only do they taste great, but each little leather gives you half a serving of fruit. I bought 3 autumn apple (5mg of sodium per leather), 4 harvest grape (0mg), 3 mango sunrise (0mg), 4 summer strawberry (0mg), and 1 orchard cherry (0mg).

The best part about these little tasty treats, is that I (and probably most 3rd graders) can pronounce all 3-4 ingredients in them!

So I’d suggest you look for these tasty little leathers in your local grocery store, especially if you have kids, much healthier than a fruit roll-up. Check them out here at Stretch Island Fruit Co.

On a side note, when I was leaving my house yesterday morning for work I got a surprise of 3 deer in my neighbors yard.

Here's the one by our trail, by our fence